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Butty was a Circus Performer come Wrestler come Strongman come Publican and Entrepreneur.

He promoted the Muhammad Ali versus Al " Blue " Lewis Fight in Croke Park in Dublin in July 1972.

He was born in Killorglin in the Kingdom of Kerry in 1924.

He ran the Admiral Nelson pub in Kilburn and the Wellington in Shepard's Bush.

He was married to Joan O Callaghan, Joan  preformed in the circus, she also sang.

She used different stage namesI believe Joanne Scott was one of them.

Unfortunately Butty  passed away in 1977 & I think Joan passed away in 2007.

  I am in the process of working on a Audio feature about Butty Sugrue. Butty was a fascinating character and great Kerry man. I think it's important that his story be told.

  I have been in touch with Con Griffin, who is a strongman and world record holder who also happened to work for Butty. Con has been a great source of information and help to me. You can visit Con's website Here.

  If you have any information about Butty and are willing to share it then please contact me on this Link.

  In particular I'm looking for people that may be related to Butty and have stories /photos of Butty etc.

  I have done quite a bit of research on him already and am hoping to verify a lot of the stories I've heard. I don't want to put too much info on the site until i know it is correct.

  I can then update this site with accurate facts etc. I also have a feature done about the Ali Versus Al "Blue lewis " fight in Dublin in 1972.

 If you click on the Links section above you can see some video footage of Butty in action.


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